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What we do?

GoShudh has developed products after years of hardcore research and innovation in health & wellness field. It took our team 8 years of intensive research to bring our ideas to a packed healthy product. Our research focuses on chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart and other healthcare issues.

Our product & research is addressing the current demand of people which was ignored earlier by all other healthcare organisations, moreover our products have given realistic results & tremendous value to our customer Our core team has 50+ years of experience in health and wellness industry and we understand the need of our products as everyone around is looking for products which increases immunity and provides high nutrition value , which are the key base of our products

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  • ImageIncreases immunity and strength
  • ImagePromotes physical health
  • ImagePromotes mental growth
  • ImageEnergy to maintain lifestyle
  • ImageWeight management
  • ImageNo pesticides & chemicals
  • ImageFreshness and good in taste
  • ImageProper nutrition to your body

GoShudh Products

Diabetic care atta
Heart care atta
Diet Atta
Multi Vita atta
Multi grain

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Sorghum / Jowar

  • High fibre content enables good digestion & mange obesity
  • Maintain sugar levels of diabetic patients
  • Rich antioxidant which prevents inflammation in body


  • High omega-3 content which is good for heart
  • Rich in dietary fiber which improves digestion
  • Maintains blood pressure & controls blood sugar

Fenugreek/Dana Methi

  • Reduces risk of diabetes
  • Works well for weight loss
  • Reduces risk of heart problems & blood pressure

Finger Millet/Ragi

  • Loaded with calcium which is good for bones & teeth
  • Helps in keeping blood sugar within the safe range
  • Natural Iron booster for anemic patients

Pearl Millets/Bajra

  • Reduces blood glucose levels & cholesterol in body
  • Aids in weight loss
  • High in iron & zinc which help anemic patients


  • Helps in reducing weight
  • Rich in fibre which improves digestion
  • Helps lower cholesterol & maintain sugar levels


  • Rich antioxidant which is good for immune system
  • Prevents risk of cancer
  • Prevents respiratory problems


  • Controls Diabetes
  • Aid weight loss & Improves Vision
  • Boosts Iron Levels

Before & After

We at GoShudh believe in realistic results in every product we sell and our value comes out with the actual results of our customer experience. Millets used in our diet atta helps to nourish your body and at the same time burns the fat without affecting the immune system.