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Discovering the Key to Optimal Health

At GoShudh, we are dedicated to ongoing research and development in the health and wellness field. We understand that knowledge is key to creating products that are not only healthy but also delicious. That's why we are proud to present our ongoing and completed research, which serves as the foundation for our products. We have invested years of extensive research to identify the perfect solution to all health problems, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and nutrition.


This research aims to study the prevalence of wheat allergy, gluten, and anti-gluten antibodies (AGA) in underprivileged children. The study will focus on identifying the factors responsible for the development of wheat allergy and the role of gluten and AGA in its onset. The results of this study will help in creating awareness about the prevalence of wheat allergy and its risk factors in underprivileged communities. It will also aid in developing effective prevention and treatment strategies to mitigate the impact of this condition on children's health.

This research aimed to investigate the effect of a high protein wheat meal on the overall health of young volunteers. The study involved participants consuming a meal consisting of high protein wheat, and their health indicators were monitored over a period of time. The research found that the consumption of high protein wheat had positive effects on the participants' health, including increased satiety, improved blood glucose control, and better lipid profile. These findings could have significant implications for improving the nutritional quality of wheat-based products and promoting better health outcomes for individuals.

This study is crucial in determining the safety and health benefits of rock salt usage, which is commonly used in food and other industries. The research involves the analysis of the chemical composition of rock salt and its potential effects on human health. Additionally, pharmacological and toxicology studies will be conducted to determine the potential benefits and risks of rock salt consumption. The results of this study will provide valuable insights into the safety and efficacy of rock salt, enabling informed decision-making by consumers, regulators, and manufacturers.

Changes Accompanying Dietary Behavior of Older Adults and their food choices.

Our research on the changes accompanying dietary behavior of older adults and their food choices is currently ongoing. Our team is committed to conducting a thorough and rigorous investigation to gather reliable and valid data. We understand the significance of this research in promoting healthy dietary habits among older adults, and we are dedicated to producing promising results that can make a positive impact on their health and well-being. Our team of experts is working diligently to ensure that this research is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of scientific rigor and ethics. We are excited to share our findings with the public and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of health and wellness.

Composition and functionality of wheat bran and its application in some cereal food products.

Our team is actively conducting research on the composition and functionality of wheat bran, with a focus on its application in various cereal food products. We are committed to exploring the full potential of this nutrient-rich ingredient and its potential benefits for human health. Our research is ongoing, and we are diligently working towards discovering new findings that can contribute to the development of healthier food products. Stay tuned for promising results that will showcase our team's dedication and hard work towards improving the quality and nutritional value of our food.

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